Thursday, 7 June 2012

Cthulhu Lithoplane

Here's an image of Cthulhu drawn in the style of an green lithoplane image.

The original drawing is from the Canny Comic Con poster and it was developed using GIMP.

Lithoplane is an ancient technique originating in China. The image is created on a ceramic slab which is translucent and allows the light to give it a luminous effect. I think the style works really well with the eerie Lovecraft monster and adds a sense of strangeness and horror.

Monday, 4 June 2012

PIcnic Update

Orford Castle Picnic

In my house 2012 is officially the Year of the Picnic. So to keep all of my outdoor dining fans happy here's a summary of the picnic action to date.

The early part of the year was frankly not picnic-friendly, but once the tropical monsoons abated, Team Cuttlefish got into it's stride.

The Garden
This was a wam-up event. It was very enjoyable and, after consulting the Internation Picnic Court, it was deemed an offical picnic event.

Gibside Chapel
A partial Team picnicked in a bird hide at the Gibside Chapel. An excellent session, and ratified by the IPC.

Orford Castle
A lovely out-school event in the grounds of Orford Castle in Suffolk. Excellent picnic fare from a shop in Orford.

Belsay Castle (Twice)
An amazing double picnic score for Belsay castle in Northumberland. One was on Jubilee day with hordes of other picnickers watching a day of medieval combat. Awesome, we also did some brass rubbing and listened to a hurdie-gurdie.

That's five so far this year. Of these 80% have been in either a National Trust or English Heritage properties. 60% were in ruined castles. These are amazing figures but are they matched by the British Picnicking population as a whole?