Saturday, 15 October 2011

Picture of Me

A cartoon of me in space.

This is a sketch I did for the Canny Comic Con blog (see link at the side of the page). It is to promote me as a guest and a seller of comics. CCC is a comics convention we are organising for December 10th this year. It's to promote comics in general and North East comics in particular. It's a free event and the main aim is for it to be fun and be accessable for the non-comic reading public.

The sketch itself is fairly accurate (apart from the Spacesuit and the space location) but I am bald and I sometimes wear a tie. But if I wanted everyone to know who I am I wouldn't call myself Cuttlefish.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lovesick Robot with Flowers

Another one hour sketch using the Bamboo tablet. This is a cartoon Robot waiting for his lady robot holding a bunch of pink flowers. Again all inked and coloured digitally.Giving a a feel of an inked comic panel was exactly what I was after and was easy to do.

I am almost literally addicted to using the tab, it is some much fun and I could spend all day, every day just messing around on it and scribbling.

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Red Robot

This weekend I finally bought a graphics tablet. I'd seen Ingi Jensen use one during last year's Newcastle 24 hour comic day. His work on it was awesome. Sine then I've procrastinated about doing it, but now I have one.

I bought a really basic Wacom Bamboo Pen and tablet yesterday and I've been on it almost constantly. It is amazing although a little frustration. Getting the initial control doesn't take too long but the hand-eye co-ord stuff takes a bit of time. Not a single peice of paper or drop of ink was used.

This sketch is a robot I did as a trial. It seems to link in well with GIMP and it is easy to do some great looking work. I want to do comic and illustration type cartoon work like Ingi's here. But doing the painting stuff illustrations are great fun and really fulfilling.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Comics Printing Torment

I've found that one of the worse things about small press comics is the printing side of it. It is always a hassle and a lot of effort is expended.

At the moment I'm trying to sort out printing for Thought Bubble comic con this year. I've back-heeled printing of Taxonauts to Matt, but I've still got to do Trainee Space Chef, Giga and Food for the Dead. All of these will have colour covers, this will mean plenty of messing around and probably separate printers.

On the positive side, Newcastle comic star Mr Paul Thompson has lent me his long arm stapler. This is a godsend, well done Fella.

Here's my coloured cover for Giga. Lovely.