Saturday, 23 July 2011

Thought Bubble Comics

Excellent news, the table for Thought Bubble Comics Con 2011 has been sorted. I'm sharing with Paul Thompson and Britt Coxon and all being well our table will be on the Paperjam Comics aisle.

I'll have onsale Taxonauts, Giga, Food for the Dead, and Evolution & Beep. Also, there should be some other shorter works and mini comics. Now the panic starts to rise gradually as I struggle to get everything done.

Above is my icon on the for the Thought Bubble site. Might post a bigger one soon.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Alcohol ...and that.

Paperjam Comics Collective have finally decided to do another anothology, hooray. Really it was Mr Oscillating Brow's master plan, but that's beside the point. The theme is Alcohol. Although I don't have any knowledge or experience of this subject I've decided to give it a go for the sake of Paperjam.

I've sharpened my pencils and drawn out the roughs already. It's a bit distasteful but fun.

After its been printed there'll be a launch party (usually 18 months post launch). Which probably won't involve alcohol at all.

Enough said, for now. Time to lie back and think of comics.

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Girl on a Spring and Snooker Goblin Sketch

This is a preliminary sketch of two of my favourite comic creations; Girl on a Spring and Snooker Goblin. They we done for a single page strip included in Daniel Clifford's A4 Comic Presents. I did this page quickly for Daniel as he needed an extra page. As always I was pleased to do it for him and I was overjoyed with the final result.

It is a tongue-in-cheek story of a teenage superhero crimefighter and the super villain Snooker Goblin. It was a combination of styles, the British Comics I grew up with and a bit of faux Manga.

I chatted with Bob Fischer when we were on his show earlier this year. He seemed to like it too. To get a copy of A4 comics contact Daniel.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Dystopian Future Slideshow

Here's a slideshow of my favourite Deviantart dystopian future art. It is from a range of artists who post on Deviant Art.

Dystopian Future Slideshow

It contains monstrous alien cities, strange worlds, fearsome robots, future war and fantastic spaceships. It's why I love sci-fi.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Arse Cancer

The Arse Cancer website is now up and running here.

Gordon Robinson scripted and yours truly drew it out. It's our take on cancer and its effects, both real and imagined.

More blurb soon. Keep watching the site for the strips.